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We are Integral Information Systems (Since 1987)

Inspiring Business Intelligence Innovation

Since 1987, Integral Information Systems has provided ever-advancing analytical software solutions to health care decision-makers to assist with ever-increasingly complex challenges. We associate with academic environments to keep abreast of the latest academic research in the business intelligence area and have several well-known research scholars on our technical advisory board.

We also have a close relationship with the University of Buffalo and actively participate in their research work.Our goal has always been to allow organizations to take their financial and operations data and turn it into information that results into precise actionable information on an as-when-needed basis.

Pinpoint® Value Proposition

The average firm loses $5.3 million annually by not finding the right information!

Health Care Benefits

We have been using Pinpoint® for over five years. During that time our billing performance and reporting capabilities have improved dramatically due in large part to our ability to access, analyze and distribute key information with Pinpoint®.

Retail Functional Benefits

Pinpoint® has allowed us to do targeted marketing. We are able to select targets for our marketing initiatives and measure the results very quickly and efficiently

Business to Business Benefits

Achieve and Keep a Competitive Advantage!

The Pinpoint® BI System

Cubes vs. Cubeless Significance

New Technology Demanded – New Technology Delivered: Pinpoint® – No Cubes = No Limits…

Other BI systems use cubes, in-memory, data-marts or meta-layers to aggregate data; a process which limits data available and then additionally limits access to the limited data. To make matters worse, many times this data building process is done with little to no input from the customers’ subject matter experts to determine which data to leave out/aggregate. In a rushed environment, based on that day’s needs, someone other than a well-chosen client committee determines what information executives will need to make future strategic decisions for years to come. A simplified example might be that total revenue by department is added as a data element.

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Smart Technologies Deployed

Pinpoint® shifts ad-hoc reporting responsibilities and capabilities from IT departments into the hands of end users. We believe executives understand their business domains and what they need to know; they have lacked only the proper, reliable tool to become self-reliant in viewing and presenting any data, how they want, when they want. We specialize in further BI enabling health care clients of GE/IDX, McKesson, Siemens/SMS, Meditech, Lawson, SAP, IDEA, 3M and Medent.

Cubeless Data Warehousing

combined with “Zero Error” ETL Processing

No more limits to data access, no more cubes, no more pre-selected “data marts”, no more “in-memory” analytics needed, no more “meta layers” and no more limits to data access.

Ad-hoc Multi-tier Querying

combined with Continuous Cell Drilling

No more query limitations. Simple/intermediate queries (available from most BI systems) are answered in sub-second.

Safe/Easy Open System Customization

combined with Four Tier Security Architecture

Pinpoint’s open architecture allows you to modify, enhance and customize the system to your needs, similar to Open Source but without the associated Open Source security and legal risks.

Smart Report Authoring, Sharing & Distributing

combined with Spectacular Presentation Visuals

Get all the capabilities of the best BI systems (custom reports by user and automatic report/alert delivery), with the added capability of sharing your most impactful reports with others, but without sharing your proprietary data.

Productivity & Analytic Wizards

combined with State Machine User Guidance

Productivity tools line the top of the dashboard; a sampling includes: previous/nest report/month, analysis , plot, export to Excel, and tools to customize your own reports and dashboard.


Partner Programs

Value Added Reseller

Pinpoint® is a complete end-to-end and cost effective alternative to the current B.I. solutions available in the market; making it an easy-to-sell product with fair profit margins.

Service Partner

Pinpoint® is extremely easy to implement tool and its cubeless architecture allows and exceptionally fast implementation within days and weeks rather than months and years.

Consulting Partner

Pinpoint® can be mastered quickly making it an excellent tool for consultants to discover and drive business intelligence and performance management across any organization.

Pinpoint® Value, Benefits & ROI

The average firm loses $5.3 million annually by not finding the right information

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Current Openings

Over the past 2+ decades, Integral has developed powerful technologies that are unique. Our clients appreciate our vision of utilizing the latest technologies to bring information to their desk or wherever and whenever it is needed. If you are a clear-thinking, pragmatic, and energetic individual, who is always seeking better more efficient methods, we would like to hear from you. Please email your resume to Mohan S. Shetye, CEO, Integral Information Systems, LLC at:

We have an immediate opening for the position of Business Analyst.

We are looking for experienced programming professionals with a minimum of 2-4 years of strong Web Technologies (Servlets, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML/CSS) experience who have a passion to learn, contribute and grow professionally. The individual should have a flair for Object Oriented Programming and demonstrated program design, development and testing experience.